I am excited to be a part of the teaching staff at Trinity Classical School. Other than a four-year stay in Austin, Texas, I was born and raised in the Atlanta area and have lived in Northeast Georgia for the past 15 years. I began my college career with an emphasis in music performance, which I do still love, but was eventually graduated from Berry College with a Bachelor’s Degree in English. I have been teaching Language Arts, either in the classroom setting or in the homeschooling of my own children for the past 25 years. I feel privileged to work with the wonderful staff at Trinity and count it a true honor to be able to nurture my students’ spiritual development while building up their minds. I look forward to what God has ahead for Trinity Classical School!



Trinity Classical School ~ Upper School Language Arts

Mrs. Susan Ramsey


  1. A three-ring binder (at least 1-1/2”)
  2. Six notebook dividers
  3. College-ruled loose-leaf notebook paper
  4. Blue or black ballpoint pens
  5. At least one red ballpoint pen or red pencil
  6. Three two-pocket folders for turning in assignments (any color but black)


You will also need the following items in class each day:


The literature text that we are covering

A dictionary, if you would like to use your own, but there will be dictionary copies in the classroom.

A Bible, if you would like your own, but there are Bibles in the classroom for you to use.